How Do I Start A Project?

Book a consultation! We'll hop on a 30 minute discovery call and learn about everything you'd like to accomplish. Once we have an idea of your project, we'll deliver a proposal and set you up with a plan to hit your goals!

How Much Does It Cost?

In a lot of situations, if you have to ask you can't afford it. Not the case around here! We're well versed in the trials and tribulations of running a small business and know that funding can be a limiting factor for your vision. To make sure you can reach your digital dreams, we'll offer a range of quotes for you to explore. We'll do our best to deliver an amazing product that fits your budget!

Who creates the content for my site or socials?

You do! Or we do. Depends on what you want! Alex is an experienced copywriter and can help write original content for you. Rachel's got an eye for design and loves creating stunning visuals! Between the three (or more) of us, we'll have it covered. Go team!

What about web hosting?

We're happy to work with any hosting platform you'd like! Not sure where to start? No prob! We'll send you some of our favourite service providers to help you find the right solution for your workflow.

Will our relationship end once my project is done?

Of course not! We're here to help you as much or as little as you need and we'd love to be a part of your team for as long as we can. We provide on-going support and can offer you a yearly or monthly support package if you expect frequent site updates!